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Feb 3, 2013 1:30pm PST
use prop h bonds for build out despite the fact that repeatedly. city attorney came to l.a. s c o and explained why it's not probably and they are not saying it today but that is the proposal for local build out and the city attorney has explained that it's for private use. and prop h is public bonds. public funds. second, the co general facility proposal the combined power is not only is that a continued investment in fossil fuels and it's private, local power has been saying for years now that it doesn't identify and know the sites that those cogent facilities would be located on but they don't think there would be any problem with seek away because it [spelling?] aught to be extent and they don't think there are any citing or permitting issues and they are still saying this at the done annoy where those location are and they are still talking about hetch hetchy power and i trust your staff with i know it's the same issue for all of these times and as a permitting environmental lawyer, i hear the proposal for local build-out would you tell any understanding without any unders
Feb 3, 2013 11:00am EST
undercut the financial security of those using them. this is about an hour. >> host: i enjoyed your book quite a bit. >> guest: thank you so much. >> host: i look for to discussing it. it was a very pleasurable read. very easy to read. and i was caught by the subtitle, exposing the dark side of a personal finance industry, which later in the book you called the personal finance and is a complex, which includes not a investment banks and brokers and financial planners, but also the financial media. seminar leaders, newsletter publishers. even include yourself in that, as a former columnist for the "l.a. times." you did their money makeover column. you include yourself as part of this complex, and you point out i think with some guilt that you are responsible for giving people an illusion of control. you talk about that throughout the book the what do you mean by that? >> guest: i'm going to backtrack. personal-finance starts in the 1930s with sylvia porter. and it's really a spinoff at of the self-help business of the 1930s to the 1930s are known for everything from hard economic times of
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2